Special Agent Rick Cannon

Special Agent Rick Cannon is a patriot serving his nation during a time when CIA came under increasing scrutiny. Law enforcement wasn’t his first choice. He loved finance. Numbers and spreadsheets were as fun for him as strategic board games. He had his sights on being the Chief Financial Officer of a reputable firm one day. But at a job fair just before completing his masters in forensic accounting, a recruiter from the FBI bent his ear and changed his heart.

Now, a wife and kids and half a career later, he’s on his toughest assignment yet, spearheading an investigation for the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. It was all dollars and numbers until is became deadly serious.

Enjoy this following vignette from Valley of Wolves, the second novel in the Gypsy Spy series. Valley of Wolves is slated for release this summer. Click here to see the book trailer on YouTube.

Washington, D.C. – September 6, 1988

Rick Cannon sprang out of his seat and stood in front of the secretary’s desk, his throbbing fingers a reminder of the urgency of his errand. “How much longer?”

She peered at him over the computer monitor, her fingers clicking away on the keyboard. “Have a seat, Agent Cannon. Be patient. He’s a busy man.” Her head bent down. The clicking accelerated.

He stepped back, his heart mercilessly hammering pain through his broken fingers. Gasoline and bile painted the back of his throat like malevolent ghosts. Holy Moses! Two weeks! He invades my home, terrorizes my wife, threatens my children, and I’m supposed to sit?

He stared at the secretary—her gaze fixed on the document hanging beside her monitor, her fingers playing the keyboard in staccato bursts. He was invisible, the same non-entity she turned him into the minute after his arrival. Anger boiled up from his gut, balling his hands into fists.

“Son of a bishop!”

The clicking stopped. “Agent Cannon?”

He relaxed his hand. His fingers throbbed. He sucked air through clenched teeth and exhaled against pursed lips. Gasoline hung in his nostrils like bad cologne.

“Agent Cannon, are you okay?”

He blinked. “To heck with it.” Charging past her desk, he barged through his boss’s door.

November Giveaway Results!

Now you know. I am a bona fide geek. Data sets cry out to me to reveal their shapes and I readily comply. The graph above shows the entry activity for my first Goodreads giveaway. I was very encouraged that 1,280 members of this reading community expressed interest in Gypsy Spy: The Cold War Files. With the number of books being read, reviewed, and offered, I was unsure if I would be found in the crowd. A hearty thank you to all who did.

Congratulations to the five winners! You are all in for a marvelous thrill ride of a story alongside Carlos de Leon, a.k.a. Rat-gêló – the Gypsy Spy.

Recent Reader Reviews

I ordered a batch of books for the Indie Author Day happening on October 8th at the Virginia Beach Central Library and am very grateful that they arrived in time! With only a two week notice of the event, I wasn’t sure I would have books to sign. But CreateSpace delivered. For those planning to independently publish their work, I highly recommend CreateSpace. I am very pleased with their services and project execution. Join me at the Virginia Beach Central Library on Saturday, October 8th to see the final product for yourself and get your copy signed!

Following are some recent reader reviews. The story entertains! This writer is happy.

“What a great book! I was totally captivated by the third page. It was very hard to put down, full of twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat. I can usually kind of figure out how a book is going to end. But I was completely in the dark right to the end of this one. Yet it ended in me being blessed and happy with the outcome. What a great story of twists and turns and insight into the Gypsy culture that I never knew existed. Well worth the time spent reading and it left me wanting more. A great read!”

“This book is amazing. I was captivated at only a few pages in. Every time I was sure that I knew what would happen next, I would turn the page and be wrong. So many surprises and such a wonderful read. I laughed and I cried. Even the end was a surprise. Nikolas Larum, please write more!”

“This is a great book! Non stop action and very well written!
I’m looking forward to Nick’s next book!”

“Action! Suspense! Intrigue!!! Adventure!!! Mystery!!! A story that draws you in and keeps you wanting more!! Can’t wait for the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tom Clancy and John Grisham, make way for this great story teller!!”

Gypsy Spy: The Cold War Files is now available on Amazon! Click here to go to the book’s page.


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