Gypsy Spy: The Cold War Files

In Cold War Europe, a young intelligence operative is making his presence known. Learn his dark secrets and hidden triumphs in this new spy thriller.



Coins for the Kingdom

Goal setting is important in life and writing. Setting my target on Spring of 2019 for the release of Valley of Wolves. Get a running start on this next epic redemptive spy thriller with Gypsy Spy: The Cold War Files available on


Novel Uses

Get your doorstop at! (E-book available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.)

Warning: Kindle version of Gypsy Spy: The Cold War Files is suited for keeping eyes open all night. Use as a doorstop at your own risk.


“Stanki nashti chi arakenpe manushen shai.”

Mountains do not meet, but people do.

This proverb is spoken twice in the novel. The saying is hopeful and poignant in its own right. Take heart, we shall meet again.

I am well into the research phase of Book II of the Gypsy Spy saga. Serious writing will begin on it as soon as my current project, Wind, Water, and Fire, is published. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying a bit of fun in Photoshop. Stay creative, people!

Gypsy Spy: The Cold War Files is now a Kindle Unlimited title. Click here to check it out!

Writer’s Angst

“Write what you know,” my teachers said. One always hopes those who know appreciate the end result.

A Meme with no President

I’ve been reading Robert Baer’s musings on his hunt for Hajj Radwan in his book The Perfect Kill: 21 Laws for Assassins. When I developed Carlos de Leon, I thought the idea of an assassin/spy that hid among the impoverished and outcasts a novel idea. It appears that Radwan, perhaps the most lethal Middle Eastern assassin in history, did just that.

You won’t find Carlos de Leon in a Monte Carlo casino or cruising down the lane in an Aston Martin. License? What license?

Find him on Amazon and check out the trailer on YouTube.

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